Pearsons Athletic Club - Ultra Racing

Skagit Valley Ultras - Aid Stations & Self Aid*

The Skagit Valley Ultras course is a 5 mile loop! We have placed 3 aid stations along the course so that you won't go very long without aid. The longest without aid is 1.8 miles.

Each aid station is equipped with Water, Gatorade, Gummy Bears, Cups and bread. We will have ENOUGH for everyone.

*Self Aid: You are more than welcome to leave your own aid at any of the aid stations!

Aid Station 1: At the start of each loop. Start/Finish line for each race.
Aid Station 2: 1.6 miles into the loop
Aid Station 3: 3.2 miles into the loop

Example: A participant in the 50k will have access to aid at the following markers:
(1.6, 3.2, 5.0, 6.6, 8.2, 10.0, 11.6, 13.2, 15.0, 16.6, 18.2, 20, 21.6, 23.2, 25, 26.6, 28.2, 30)